The brave Aprilia rider: Thanks to Captain Eddy

The brave Aprilia rider

I am an English motorcyclist and was staying in Sibiu on 15th September. I needed some help to get a new tyre and Eddy of your company kindly gave me a contact name.

I wish to pass on my thanks to them. It turned out that my tyre was not losing pressure, my gauge was faulty. And although the tyre was worn, with the good dry weather forecast I was able to continue my trip without needing to wait a day or two in Sibiu. So if Eddy heard I did not call his contact, that is the reason.

We hope to return to your beautiful country - there is much to explore and I am sure you are the experts in that! Kind regards,

Edgar Baines (the brave Aprilia rider).


Dear Edgar!
We are HAPPY and SORRY.
Happy, that we (at least a friend of us) were able to help you a little bit.
Sorry, that we did not find time to talk more with a gentleman-biker like you..
Always (all ways!) DRUM BUN!
Käpt'n EDDY